Absolut Line.

Absolut Line.

"Absolut" Home Air Fresheners Line. Special fragrances designed exclusively for the products in this line. Handcrafted and made with artisanal techniques.

All items in this collection can be chosen with any of our fragrances, but Aromalia recommends one of the new fragrances for 2022: Aloe & Pomegranate, Oud & Rose, Sahara Orient, Almond Blossom, Patchouli & Saffron, and Incense Flower.

Entirely manufactured in Spain.

Ambientador mikado 500 ml. linea absolut natural.
500 ml Absolut Mikado.

Half-liter Absolut Mikado from the Absolut line.

Ambientador mikado 250 ml. linea absolut natural.
250 ml Absolut Mikado.

250 ml Absolut Mikado air freshener.

Ambientador spray de gran formato línea Absolut
300 ml. Absolut spray

300 ml. Absolut air freshener spray.