Aromatic Candles

Aromatic Candles

Handcrafted candles made with natural ingredients for both indoor and outdoor use. Manufactured with the finest waxes and paraffins, scented with long-lasting concentrated essential oils, and complying with European regulations. We offer a wide variety of mosquito repellent candles with natural Citronella essence and fragrance. The most effective remedy against mosquitoes.

Vela de lavanda natural
Vela Lavanda

Vela vaso aroma lavanda y decoración Lavanda

Vela vaso perfumada .
Scented Perfume Candle Jar

Scented Perfume Candle Jar

Velas dos mechas - 260 gr. - mas de 40 horas de luz - dos fragancias ;  Adictive blossom y Pure Ambar , suaves perfumes en una vela "premium" .
Two-Wick Candles

Two-Wick Candles 260 gr

Vela decorada " La Provence " . Venta por unidades . Medida 15 cm. x 7 cm. diam . , decoración con flores textiles .
Candle " La Provence"

Decorated Candle "La Provence"

Vela yogur rústica perfumada .Se sirve dentro de una bolsa de kraft con asas .ref. 4045
Rustic Candle

Rustic mini Candle

Vela vaso citronella . Medida 9 cm x 7 cm diam .
Citronella Glass Candle

Citronella glass candle. Size: 9 cm x 7 cm diameter.

Vela citronella stop mosquitos en cuenco de yogur . Uso exteriores e interior .
Candle Citronella

Citronella candle in a crystal yogurt bowl.

Vela tarro ceramica stop mosquitos . Uso interior y exterior .
repellent ceramic jar candle.

Mosquito repellent ceramic jar candle.