General purchasing conditions

General conditions

General Sales Conditions:

Aromalia s.l. sells exclusively wholesale. It is necessary to have a retail store, establishment, factory, distributor, commercial entity, etc., for the sale of our products to the general public. We do not sell directly to individuals.

All prices listed in our price list are exclusive of VAT and Equivalent Surcharge. These taxes will be generated and added when preparing the sales invoice.

Prices are reviewed once a year, after each campaign. Aromalia s.l. reserves the right to review prices without prior notice and update them at any time. This price variation will not affect customers who have placed an order. The current price list supersedes any previous price list, and therefore, the new prices override the old ones.

Shipping costs: Aromalia s.l. solely focuses on manufacturing items. The additional amount charged on the invoice, in case the minimum requirement for shipping is not met, will always be calculated based on the cost applied to Aromalia s.l. by the transportation company. The increase in the invoice for SHIPPING costs is as follows:

Shipments within Spanish territory (excluding Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla) do not incur additional charges for orders over 200 euros (excluding VAT and taxes). For orders below 200 euros, shipping costs will be calculated based on weight, volume, and destination, with the increase ranging from 7 to 15 euros of the total invoice amount.

For shipments to Portugal, the minimum invoice amount for included shipping costs is 400 euros (excluding VAT and taxes). For invoices below this amount, a surcharge of 10 to 15 euros will be added for shipping expenses.

For other destinations, whether within Spanish territory (Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla) or international destinations, please contact us via phone or email, and we will provide you with the final cost of shipping for the requested goods.

Returns and refunds: As a general rule, we do not issue refunds once the merchandise has been sent and received by the customer. However, if there is a duly justified reason, it is possible to negotiate with the company for the return of the order. The return of items must be notified to the company within 7 days after receiving the order. The customer should arrange the return shipment to the company using a carrier of their choice, as long as it is returned in the same packaging, without any damage, breakage, or manipulation. Once the package is received by the company, the refund will be processed according to the agreed-upon method.

Replacement of items will only be done if there is any shortage, damage, or breakage. On the other hand, we will not be responsible for items that are returned to us and have been manipulated, worn, labeled (price, barcode, etc.), used, or are out of season or discontinued.

The replacement of items must be notified to the company within 7 days after receiving the order, and no claims will be accepted after 15 days from the date of invoicing.

 How to BUY? 

  1.  Through a sales representative. Aromalia s.l. has collaborators who form a commercial network in different areas of the territory. Get in touch with us, and we will provide you with the name and contact information of the representative in your area. They will visit you and present our products, offering specific advice for your type of business.

    2.- Through direct contact. In areas where we don't have a representative, we offer the option to place orders directly with the company. At Aromalia s.l., we provide our customers with several options to place an order:

    • BY PHONE: Whether it's your first time or if you want more information about our products, you can call us at 933 573 728, where specialized staff will assist you with all your inquiries.

    • EMAIL: If you have already prepared a list of references you wish to purchase, you can send an email or attach an Excel, Word, or any other file that includes the following information: Complete customer details (Name, business name, tax identification number, billing and shipping address, phone number, and email address) Product information (product reference, product description, quantities, fragrances for each product, and price according to our price list for each item) The order should be sent to the following address:


Once the order has been placed and confirmed by the customer, it proceeds to production. It is important to note that Aromalia s.l. is a company that manufactures artisanal products, and its entire production chain is based on handcrafted manipulation. Therefore, our production lead time for orders ranges from 5 to 8 business days, and on rare occasions, the delivery time may be slightly extended due to the following reasons:

  • Stock shortage from some of our suppliers.
  • Increased workload during peak selling months. Based on years of experience, the number of orders significantly multiplies during November, December, June, and July. The Christmas season and the summer campaign for insect repellents generate a high volume of work, which may require us to take additional measures to meet delivery times. Therefore, we kindly request our current and prospective customers to forecast their sales to ensure timely delivery. It's worth mentioning that during peak production months, Aromalia s.l. allocates all necessary human and material resources to ensure optimal order fulfillment.

If we are unable to meet the delivery terms or if some of the requested items are unavailable, we will contact the customer to discuss the matter and find a suitable replacement or solution to the specific issue.


When the order is already manufactured, it goes to the administration department (phone number 93 417 56 20 -, where we will contact the customer, notifying them of the completion of their order and indicating the payment method. Typically, we operate with advance bank transfer or cash on delivery.

CASH ON DELIVERY: Once the order is completed, the assembled units are invoiced, and the customer is notified of the invoice amount one day in advance via phone call or WhatsApp notification. This way, our customers have the convenience of having the exact cash amount to pay the delivery driver from the transport agency for the package they will receive the next day.

ADVANCE BANK TRANSFER: Once the order is completed, the assembled units are invoiced, and the customer is notified via email. In this email, the invoice in PDF format is attached, and instructions are provided for making the payment through a bank transfer. There is an option to benefit from a 3% prompt payment discount applied to the invoice by choosing this payment method.

Important note: If the payment for the invoice is not received within 7 days, we will send a reminder, either through email or by phone. If there is no response or payment for the order is not received, it will be canceled and dismantled.

For our regular customers (more than five orders per year), it is possible to negotiate the payment method through a bank draft with a 30-day term, in which case they would not be eligible for any discounts or benefits for early payment. In this payment modality, the customer needs to provide us with their bank details. If a bank draft is returned by the bank for any reason, the customer will be responsible not only for the payment of the returned amount but also for the bank charges incurred by the return. Likewise, in the event of a returned bank draft, Aromalia s.l. reserves the right to change the payment method to advance bank transfer for future orders.


Having received payment for the order, we will proceed with shipping the merchandise through the transport agency. Currently, we work with the transport company ASM for 24-hour services. You can also request, by notifying us in advance and with a small additional cost, alternative shipping services (urgent 14 hours, Saturday delivery, etc.).

Important note: In the case of advanced bank transfers, the shipment of the goods will not be carried out until we verify that the transfer for the full amount specified in the email we sent has been completed. To expedite the process and allow the merchandise to be shipped earlier, you can send us the proof of bank transfer to the email address: This way, the goods can be dispatched, bypassing the days when banks process money transfers.

Furthermore, we offer customers the option to request a web link for tracking the shipment, as well as additional information about its status.

General Data Protection

You can consult our privacy policy in the section "Privacy Policy". "Política de privacidad

Legislation and Jurisdiction (Spain only)

These general conditions will be interpreted in accordance with the current legislation in Spain regarding the matter, which will be applied subsidiarily to everything that has not been foreseen in them. (Basically Law 34/2002 of July 11th on information society services and electronic commerce).


Aromalia s.l. reserves the right to modify at any time the SERVICES provided through the website, introducing or removing certain services or contents that contribute to offering a better service.