Aromalia S.L. was established in 1995 to cater to the market segment of handcrafted aromatic products. We are manufacturers of all kinds of air fresheners, whether for home, garden, gifts, etc. It is important to emphasize that almost all of our products are handmade with great attention to detail and quality, offered at competitive prices.

It is worth noting that Aromalia S.L. markets two product lines:

  • Casual Home Air Fresheners: Products suitable for daily use, produced in larger quantities and offered at attractive prices. Ideal for sale in drugstores, pharmacies, department stores, discount stores, galleries, etc.

  • Artisan or Designer Air Fresheners: Aromatic items crafted purely by hand, one by one. Ideal for sale in gift shops, home décor stores, design stores, etc.

In our workshop, we handcraft a wide range of products, including reed diffusers, incense, colognes, scented jars, sachets, candles, aromatherapy products, air freshener sprays, and a diverse assortment of items available in our catalog. We also have extensive experience as manufacturers and exporters of aromatic products to various regions such as the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Europe, Canada, Asia, and more. We are proud to have numerous satisfied customers.

As direct manufacturers, we offer the added value of adapting to the specific needs of each customer, sometimes providing personalized items tailored to their demands.

The essences used in our products are in accordance with the International Fragrance Association and the Fragrance Materials Research Institute, and they comply with ISO 9001 certification.

For more information about our sales terms, please refer to the following link: TERMS AND CONDITIONS.